Culture of Spain

As I am a traveler and I love to travel the world. I choose the traveling destinations that are popular for tourism. So this time in the 2018 traveling planning I have decided to visit Spain. Spain is one of the most amazing countries that are popular for tourism spots. I have visited different cities of Spain, and the streets of Spain are filled with several cultures and traditions. I had a fantastic experience about the culture of Spain and I would to like share few of the traditions and cultures of Spain that inspires me the most.

* LOCAL CULTURE: In the whole Europe, the local culture of Spain is original. The famous sangria drink and the cheerful events of Spain make it known in the world. The cultural festive of Spain is the siesta that is full of traditions. Students and the workers after the time of lunch take rest and socialize and spend some time to avoid the scorching mid-day heat. This is the famous tradition in Spain that I love the most.

* DRESSING: An amazing fact that I came to know when I, when I was exploring Spain, was that, if you are a tourist you cannot wear shorts. They say no to shorts, but if you are at the beach, you can them. Roaming around in the streets wearing shorts is not acceptable. Wearing pants or jeans for both men and women is common. They wear nice clothes for example skirts, pants or the dresses that are long enough to pass knees.

* FOOD: I got to know a lot about the food and dining etiquettes. You have to remain standing until you are invited to sit. You cannot begin eating before hostess starts. The famous dishes that I eat there are Croquettes, Tortilla Espanola, Pisto – Spanish ratatouille, cured meals and Spain’s famous bean stews – and salads. These were few amazing dishes of Spain that I tasted, and I just loved them. They were too delicious.

* RELIGION: Approximately 94% of the population follows Roman Catholic. The Cathedrals are the large museums in the large cities.

* LANGUAGE: I used to speak English there but the official language of Spain is Spanish, or you may know it as Castilian Spanish. About 90% of the population speaks Spanish while other speak Catalan, Galician and Basque.

I just loved to visit Spain. The country of Spain gave me the best traveling vibes.