About Me

Traveling is one of the most adventurous things. Visiting different countries and experiencing about their cultures is always fun. I am Jeffery and love to travel the world. If you are a trained explorer or not, traveling is exceptionally amazing thing a person can do.

Traveling is my passion and writing a journal about the adventure is always fun. Traveling is not only about exploring the most prominent touristy spots. Visiting little or less known places is also amusing. Taking time for the less chronicle spots and write it down on the journal is entertaining along with the must-see spots. I have been traveling, and writing about it is one of my favorite hobbies.

To me traveling is a source of happiness. I go through a lot of countries, stay there, live there and write about the experience in my blog. I want to let people know how beautiful the world is. Interacting with new people and communicating with them is a pleasure for me.

I believe that you can find happiness in every part of the world; all you have to do is to travel and seek the prosperity. Traveling and collecting the memories and writing about it, is the best thing I can do.